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Free Stories and list of others in first book.
Note, some of these .pdf file story originals are with color illustrations that you'll see.
The illustrations were not in the printed book, and the stories were edited differently also.

Old Huntsville Drive-In Movies & Radio Shops

WAAY Radio Comes To Town 1958

A Daisy Targeteer Christmas 50s

Old Telephones and Party Lines

M.D. Christmas from Hell 1989

Being a FISH at Vacation Bible School

Christmas Preparations of the 50s

Judy and M.D. Flying at OLD Huntsville Airport

Old Huntsville Radio Stores 1961

Father-Son (MD III & MD IV) Flying Trip

Chapter/Story Titles in order from Book #1 "REFLECTIONS OF Judy and M.D. Smith:1945 - 2018"

The Creek Wading Misadventure
Let Me Introduce Myself
31TV Santa Shows
Judy - True Love (Illustrated)
Terrible Luck on Christmas 1989 & Christmas Letter to Friends
Black Velvet
A June 1961 Love Story
A Daisy Christmas
My 1930 Model A Ford
A 50s New Year Practical Joke
Dog Gone Lonesome
“Aim Below the Belt”
Get Out! Get Out!
CB Radio and Barbed Wire
Happy 100th Birthday
Being a Fish at Vacation Bible School
A Real Job
Busy Baby Christmas Birth, 1985
I Choose You
Christmas Preparations in 1950
I’ll Cry for You
Easter Egg Hunt Out of Control
A 50s New Year Practical Joke
My Polio Story
1949 Christmas Tree Ornaments or Targets
No Tears for Me – The Ultimate Gift
Flying Home from Nassau in Aztec - 1967
The Red Monogram Night Gown or I’ll Never Tell
Honeymoon & Anniversaries 60s style
Retiring the Red Monogrammed Nightgown
Old Huntsville Drive-In Movies
Sampson The Disabled Cat
MDS Old Slewfoot (A Ghost Story-Illustrated)
Stay Focused
The Old Telephones and Party Lines
Summer Nights Long Ago
Crescent Dough Auction
Ten Minutes to Live Running the 1993 Rocket City Marathon
The Birthday Present
Tube Checkers?
The Elephant Ride
Flying at the Old Huntsville Airport
Judy Learns to Fly (Judy’s Story)
Santa and The Real Christmas Spirit
The Blue Cadillac
Snake in The Rowboat
The Fridge
The Art of Thumbing Rides in 1960
The Red ’57 T-Bird
The Cat and The Heathkit®
The Right Thing to Do
The Do-Over
Time to Say Goodbye and Eggs
Bike Ride with Chandler and Light Tan Steed
Judy Fine, Lady, Just Take It (bartering story-Illustrated)
Father Teaches Son to Clean Fish
Memories, October 2009
How Car Audio has changed since 1957
The Florida Trip
Subject of Record
Summer Nights Long Ago
Father & Son Flying – Lessons Learned
The Coffin Table
Mock Electronics – Past & Present
Another Christmas Story
Our First Remote Control TV Set – 1974
Are We There Yet?
WAAY Treasure Key Hunt
Paving California Street and Bus Rides
Christmas in the Sixties
The K-Mart Story
Huntsville Christmas Parade from 60s to 2010
Judy and Dickering at the Thrift Store
You Make Me
Working Midnight to Dawn at WAAY Radio in 1959
Red Caboose
M.D. - The Bird Pie - Eat What You Kill (Illustrated)
Seattle, I’ve Returned
Long Distance Valentine
Johnny and the Mistletoe
21C Riverside – Tuscaloosa stories from 60s
Yellow Shampoo
21C Riverside – Tuscaloosa in 60s, #2 Snow Trip
Pulling Weeds in 1952 Two for a Penny
WAAY Radio Comes To Town in 1958
21C Riverside – Tuscaloosa in 60s, #3 – Ham Radio & Thin Walls
The All American Five AM Radios
21C Riverside – Tuscaloosa in 60s, #4 – Memories
Eggin’ Cars and Trouble
21C-Riverside, Newly Wed New Year’s Eve

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