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(About "Love In Turbulent Air")

2022 - On sale now at Amazon.com https://www.amazon.com/Love-Turbulent-Air-Smith-IV-ebook/dp/B0B5LYTY7N/ Kindle $2.99 or

https://www.amazon.com/Love-Turbulent-Air-Smith-IV/dp/1732384967/ Book $10.95

Overview: The sky's the limit for flight instructor, Sandy Freeman. The love of her life, Detective Cade Onola, has proposed, and plans to purchase her own flight school are about to take off. That is, until an opioid addiction-after an unexpected run-in with a propeller-stalls out her plans. When the local underworld supplier turns out to be her secret ex, a drug dealer Cade is already investigating, Sandy's career and engagement are set to crash and burn!

(About "Hidden Horizons - Destination Love")

On sale now at Amazon.com https://www.amazon.com/dp/1732384940/ Kindle $2.99 or book $9.99

Hidden Horizons: As she struggles to choose between two loving men to whom she happens to be giving flight lessons, Sandy unwittingly becomes involved with dangerous drug dealers at the little airport even as she is forced to confront a host of trust issues and personal demons.

Read the first two pages of the beginning at this link. Hope you enjoy. Your feedback would be appreciated.

"Reflections II" (2020) Judy & M.D.'s new stories have more variety than the first edition. The authors cover a wide range of non-fiction topics from their intimate childhood memories to their children's' tales and the menagerie of pets raised over the years. Enjoy Judy's story style of some current recent memories like the Walmart story.

On sale now at Amazon.com https://www.amazon.com/Reflections-II-Judy-M-D-Smith/dp/1732384924/ Kindle or Book

M.D. covers married students at UofA days, disk jockey experiences, a unique visit to a New Orleans cemetery with a surprise, and a variety of other topics. The table of contents will hint at them for you. You will find a story on Zen and some other thoughtful, soul searching issues.

For the very first time, the last third of the book is filled with 30 fiction short stories. Lengths from 400 words, to 3,000 words. Genres range from Sci-Fi to historical based fiction that reads like a novel.

(About "Reflections")

This book is quite different. The 93 short stories cover a wide spectrum of topics, many about the "old" days. Some were written for "Old Huntsville Magazine" published by Cathey Carney. Read about a specific incident in their lives that was most memorable in one way or another.

Some stories are from Judy and M.D.'s childhood days in the 40s, 50's, and when they dated, and got married in 1961. A few stories include some of their 8 kids and incidents revolving around them.

M.D. worked in Radio & TV for 40 years. So, you will see a share of stories about the WAAY Radio and TV days and special events. Many didn't turn out quite like expected. M.D. has been Amateur Radio operator WA4DXP since 1962 and still enjoys the hobby building much of his own equipment. He was General Manager of WAAY-TV for 36 years.

Judy has always had a love for dance and sewing. Several stories from her are about how they met, dated, fell in love and married. Married Student Apartment years in Tuscaloosa are included.

Titles are not sorted by time or subject. Some are a two-parts. The year this first book was published, they celebrated their 57th Anniversary, the same number of years about which you'll find several car stories about 1957 Model Cars. Back photo is Smith family at Thanksgiving 2017 with five of eight grandchildren and seven of eight grown children & spouses.
_ (Watch Authors video 1:31 about book) or (Watch 3:09 version where Judy emotionally talks about Polio story)

This link will take you directly to the title or you can search by book name to find it. https://www.amazon.com/dp/1721173099

(About Behind The SCREENS)

"Behind the SCREENS" subtitle "Winning the Ratings War at WAAY-TV" available on Amazon and Kindle.

Winning the Ratings War at WAAY-TV, Huntsville, Alabama. Besides historical background, book contains true stories from those who worked there over 36 years and the General Manager's 'hands on' talks to staff and discussion of actual times from 1963 until 1999. How TV & issues of Ratings Success changed over the years. Truly, a 'Behind the TV screen view of one station that went from last to first in the ratings and stayed there for many years. See how it was done and how staff was motivated to do so. Lessons in Motivation and Morale are contained within the pages.
(Watch Author video 1:18 about book) -

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This first novel by M.D. Smith, IV available now on Amazon, Kindle & Barnes and Noble ebook.

Too young when they first met, life tore them apart. Twenty-Five years later it brought them back together again.

But after failed marriages and hard lessons will the love they once felt be enough to keep them together?

Or will it be lost again?

(Watch Author video 0:50 about book)

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(About "Four Minute Fiction")

See page with 4 samples of stories illustrations and beginnings.

On sale now at Amazon.com https://www.amazon.com/dp/B084P3S7LX Kindle $0.99 or Book $3.85

Overview: Brand new stories for 2020. This book contains Multi-Genre of Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy, Mystery, and Suspense, short stories. A few stories are exactly 101 words in length. You can read in less than a minute. Others are over 1,200 words and may take five minutes or more. The bulk of these 33 stories are 'Flash' fiction length which means between 400 and 1,000 words long. These stories are perfect waiting for a doctor's appointment and you may choose to read several. You can select stories from the Table of Contents and check off those you have read.

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