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M.D. Smith lives in Huntsville, AL. He majored in Broadcasting at the University of Alabama in 1960. Minor in Journalism. After graduating in 1963 with a two-month-old son, he joined the family broadcasting AM Radio business, and soon the family's first TV station, where he continued to work for the next 36 years until the facility sold in 1999. The book, Behind The Screens, recalls those years, how TV grew, and contains humorous stories by him and many by the 'Alumni' of WAAY-TV.

M.D. III, as his father was called, and M.D. IV learned flying in 1965 and took many trips over the next 20 years. Some stories are in Judy and M.D.'s first book. To learn about their trips, and hobbies, he and the kids were involved with, read Reflections I.

M.D., and his wife, Judy Chandler Smith, have celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. Judy and M.D. have written well over 190 stories for Old Huntsville Magazine since 2003 and many are included in the first book with permission of Publisher, Cathey Carney.

M.D.'s first romance novel, Love Lost - Again was published on Amazon in 2018. Hidden Horizons - Destination Love. was published in 2020. His latest romantic suspense novel, Love In Turbulent Air, July 2022. He has written many fiction short stories in the past few years, some are available for FREE on this website. Read, copy and pass around if you wish.

In addition to non-fiction for Old Huntsville Magazine. Some of his non-fiction has been nationally published in both Good Old Days and Reminisce Magazines. He's written over 200 fiction stories in the past three years. Some appear in Frontier Times, and in Like Sunshine After Rain short story anthology and other flash fiction sites. He's published two collections of Four Minute Flash Fiction stories. He holds an MFA degree in Popular Fiction Writing from Seton Hill University in Pennsylvania.

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