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M.D. (Marcellus Davidson Smith) was born in December 1940 in Birmingham a year before Pearl Harbor and remembers some of the "blackouts" of WWII at nearly age five. He learned fishing, hunting and gun safety from his father. Going through the BB Gun year, Pellet Gun and later .22 rim fire years hunting small game and great fishing trips with his father, M.D. has always been a bit of an outdoorsman and doing a lot of camping, hikes and every hobby you can imagine with his SEVEN sons as they grew up.

His single daughter was Judy's primary charge, and Allison learned all the girl things, and tom boy stuff from her older and younger brothers. M.D. who intended to be a doctor like his father always said he'd like to have been, changed from Pre-Med to major in Broadcasting in 1960. After graduating in 1963 with a two-month-old son, he went into the family broadcasting AM Radio business, joined shortly by the first TV station, where he continued to work for the next 36 years until he sold the TV station in 1999.

M.D. III, as his father was called and M.D. IV learned flying in 1965 and took many trips over the next 20 years. Some stories are in this book. To learn about hobbies, he and the kids were involved with, read the book.

M.D., and his wife, Judy, have celebrated their Fifty-Seventh wedding anniversary as their first book was being assembled (2018) and look forward to a few more years of staying active, some traveling and time with grown Children and their families.

Judy and M.D. have written many stories for Old Huntsville Magazine since 2003 and many are included in this book with permission of Publisher, Cathey Carney.

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